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Avengers: Infinity War

Avengers: Infinity War Directors: Anthony and Joseph Russo

Stars: Everyone except Jeremy Renner

Synopsis: This is what the MCU has all been building up to. Thanos is on the hunt for the Infinity Stones and the Avengers must stop him.

Character Balance

Going into this film, my main concern was how the filmmakers would balance having all the different characters in the film. Seeing as the Russo brothers did such a good job with that in Civil War, I was feeling optimistic and that optimism was satisfied.  With a film with this many characters, it’s impossible to give them all satisfying arcs. The film would need to be over three hours long. Given this, I thought all the characters that were there felt like they belonged there. Even if some of them didn’t shine in the same way as they have in previous films.

Marvel has developed these characters well in previous films. This means that we feel emotionally invested in what happens to them. Even if they don’t have lots of screen time or dialogue. So for someone who isn’t familiar with the MCU, they’re likely going to struggle with this film.

Avengers: Infinity War truly feels like the most epic of all the MCU films because of its epic scope. We travel all across the galaxy and across Earth, but the film still manages to feel grounded.  This is due to the excellent writing which gives plenty of time for genuine character interactions. The film doesn’t get lost in exposition and action scenes.  

Higher Stakes for the Avengers

The tone of this film was something that was very important for me going in. I hoped that, seeing as this is the end game of MCU, there would finally be the stakes and sense of danger which I felt have been lacking from the MCU and I was glad that it did just that. Right from the outset the film has a tone of dread and hopelessness. This felt very powerful in contrast to the lighter tones of previous films. For the first time I really felt throughout the film that no one was safe from Thanos. However, the film still finds time for that quintessential MCU humour. This is welcome as it stops the film going into excessively miserable territory.

Thanos has been built up since 2012 so it was hoped that he would be a great villain. He is! He is immensely intimidating in this film. As I said before, no one feels safe from him from the outset. Not only does he feel like a major threat, but he also is an understandable villain. His motivations are clearly shown, and as with some of the best villain’s, there’s a twisted reason to his logic. You truly get the sense that he is the hero of his own story which is excellent for a villain.


In terms of criticisms, many people will feel that certain plotlines aren’t as interesting as others. As for me, I was invested for every second and every scene felt necessary. Maybe after extra viewings once the hype has died down, I will be able to see those myself.  

In conclusion, Infinity War lives up to the hype as one of the biggest cinematic spectacles of this century. It takes all these characters and throws them into a desperate situation, making for compelling viewing. The film builds and builds in dread all the way up to the ending. An ending which I feel confident that people are gonna talk about for a long time to come. I feel a major blockbuster hasn’t been able to do that for a long time.


Pulse Rating: 8/10



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