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Fight of Gods

Platform: PC, Steam

Genre: Arcade, Fighter

You’ve already Hadoukened Blanka across the arena in Street Fighter. Enjoyed ripping out Goro’s spine in Mortal Kombat. Capoeira danced your way to the final stage of Tekken and shamefully adjusted the ‘settings’ in Dead or Alive. At this point, after beating every video game mortal fighter out there, you are probably asking yourself, “What’s next?” Well, the obvious next step is to move your game up to the big leagues. That’s right, it’s time to make that leap from the powerful to the all-powerful.


Fight of Gods is an old-school, arcade fighter that allows you to play as the deities of various religions. While it may not be an entirely original idea, it is one of the first to feature divine beings that are currently worshiped. This includes Buddha and, more controversially, our Lord and Savior Himself, Jesus Christ. Let’s get one thing out of the way first; this is not tender Jesus meek and mild. He comes sporting a pair of cross-segment knuckle dusters and has the look of a man (and God) that’s spoiling for a rumble. This is one Savior who is not going down without a fight.

This is a concept that many people will find offensive. It was deemed outrageous enough to warrant temporary censorship by the Malaysian government. Whether the subject matter is controversial or not is up for debate, but I’m dealing with whether it’s a decent game or not. As a piece of popular entertainment media, I thought it was important to check it out and see how it stacks up against other games.

 Let’s put our shock to one side for a second.

Fight of Gods Gameplay

Well, on starting the game up, you are immediately met with stills of all the characters locked in combat. This is followed by the menu screen which, amongst a few other options, offers you two main game modes: arcade and 2-Player. As this was my first time playing, I wanted to get straight into the action and so selected Arcade mode. Upon selecting a mode you are greeted with the character selection screen. This contains ten options from various corners of the world. Surprisingly, not all of the options are gods. There is a legendary fighter from ancient China called Guan Gong and also, the master of ocean-parting himself, the prophet Moses.

Knowing that I had two of our patriarchs to choose from, I decided to do the Christian thing and selected Anubis. After a short loading period, the game properly begins. The controls are simple enough. Each character has a set of special moves that operate by correctly punching in simple combinations. It’s all fairly standard, but it seems to work well enough.


It must be mentioned at this point that the game is still in active development. This is quite evident in the occasional glitchy background layer and the slightly clunky character movement. Another shortcoming of this game is found in the storyline sequences which consist of very simplistic text screens. These crudely animated sections serve more as a distraction from the epic nature of the story. After fighting through multiple stages, defeating each of the gods including a mirrored version of your chosen character, you find yourself at the boss. This is quite possibly the most underwhelming part of the game. Your final opponent is basically a generic spirit-like humanoid called Boss. Upon beating him, he implodes in a flash of light and then you are met with the credits.


Fight of Gods is in early access mode, so nobody should be expecting a high quality game. As fighter games go, it is fairly standard and certainly doesn’t stand up to it’s Midway and Capcom contemporaries. The graphics are comparable to games released 10 or 15 years ago. It lacks the kind of features which you’d typically find in modern fighting games. The main flaw of the game, however, is it’s lack of a distinct graphical style. Although the game isn’t an eyesore, there isn’t much to distinguish it from other games that are currently on the market. Fans of fighting games shouldn’t be too quick to dismiss Fight of Gods, however, as the game is constantly being developed.

Additionally, the soundtrack is really exceptional and stands head and shoulders above the other in-game assets in terms of quality. It is obvious a great amount of time and money were put into giving it the bombastic quality a game like this really deserves. It really does make up for some of the other more underwhelming elements of the product.

Pulse Rating: 2.5


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