Sin sex and purity

01 Mar

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Sin and the City

We live in a fallen world where nothing is perfect We glorify ourselves, our bodies and focus on self-love, selfish gain and quite frankly a vast number of selfies. An exaggerated love of self has blurred the lines between worth, dignity, and adequacy. This has resulted in pride being the basis of our actions. One […]

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03 Aug

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A Game of Patience

Patience According to the Cambridge Dictionary, patience is the ability to wait, or to continue doing something despite difficulties, or to suffer without complaining or becoming annoyed. Patience is something we can all do with a little bit more of. In our generation dominated by instant gratification via things such as social media we have lost the […]

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05 Feb

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The Problem is Choices Why is it that two individuals can listen to the same teachings and yet live completely different lives? Today, the Christian church is full of members who have the appearance of Christians but their choices tell a different story. God directly addresses His people about these acts of hypocrisy in the Bible. […]

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Sin sex and purity

03 Nov

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Purity: Debunked

The word ‘purity’ encompasses a host of different meanings for different people. Some take it specifically to regard sexual purity while others think of purity as a lifestyle, with sexual purity being one of many aspects. The simplest way to define purity is “Striving daily to live according to God’s standards through God’s power”. Regardless […]

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