Unpopular Culture

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Unpopular Culture

Guvna B is a guy known for his way with words. He’s also a guy who’s done it all. Seven full length albums, 2 MOBOs and 2 Urban Music Awards for Best Gospel Artist. He’s share the stage with big hitters such as Tinie Tempah, Kirk Franklin and Lecrae. Guvna even has his own clothing line. So what next for this young entrepreneur? Well, it only seems natural that the master lyricist would direct his efforts into penning a book. Unpopular Culture is the fruit of that effort.


At only 130 pages, Unpopular Culture is a quick read. However, it is packed with profound wisdom and insight that displays maturity beyond the author’s 28 years. The book is split into 11 chapters. Each one utilising anecdotes and personal experiences to highlight a specific area of growth in the author’s life. But ultimately wrapped around one central topic – identity. The big questions in life such as ‘Who am I?’, ‘Who am I meant to be?’ and ‘Is this the real me?’ are ones that have circled Guvna’s mind throughout his life. Indeed, they are questions that most most people have probably asked themselves at some point, whether Christian or not. Identity and belonging are such a big part of the human experience and especially important in todays culture; and that’s what makes Guvna’s words so relevant.

This relevance isn’t constricted to the outside world, however, as much of is content is rooted in the word of God. Guvna’s love of his relationship with Christ is made evident from the first chapter and it is this passion that drives his motivation. One suprising aspect of this book is how closely its words mirror those I have heard from my pastor. In more than one chapter the author touches on subjects in close proximity to lessons I’ve been taught and in a couple of places even captures a particular topic word for word. This is particularly comforting because it makes the book familiar but never boring.

Unpopular Culture for all generations

It is clear that this book was written for a young generation – teens, preteens and students that are looking for themselves. He makes no attempt to conceal his heart in this matter. It shines throughout the stories and musings packed within it’s pages. From memories of playing football on his estate to walking the red carpet alongside recognised industry artists. He keeps everything down to earth and never tries to place himself on any kind of pedestal. It’s this realness that gives the book a solid foundation and something to which every young person can both relate and aspire to.

This also makes Unpopular Culture a book that an older generation can read and look back to their own experiences growing up. If anything, one would hope that the older generation would take a leaf out of Guvna’s book and use their own experiences to educate and inspire the next generation. Rather than complaining about the next generation, maybe inspire them to buck the trend and choose the unpopular route in life.

In conclusion…

Simple and brief, but also deep and inspirational. It is this combination of qualities that makes Unpopular Culture the perfect read for any person aspiring the better themselves and, most importantly, discover the world changer they have hidden away inside. This is a book that’s both joyful and forward thinking, introspective and outwardly ambitious. It may be Guvna’s first publication, but hopefully, it won’t be his last.


Pulse Rating: Excellent, 9/10


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